Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Looking for a wedding videographer? Few things you have to know before making a decision.

There is no need to convince anyone today that our wedding is one of the most important days in our life. We spend a lot of time preparing that day and we want everything to go according to plan. Therefore, we want to keep these memories in mind. The best way to do it is to hire a wedding videographer. How to choose the best one? We’ve prepared short guidelines which will help you to make the best decision.


The first thing you have to consider before hiring a wedding videographer is the budget you have for it. “Don’t throw good money after bad.” – you should keep this saying in mind while considering the choice of a videographer you want to hire. Nobody wants to spend more money than is needed.

For sure, hiring a wedding videographer is a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to remember yourself and your family in the course of the wedding and come back to those memories in the future. The costs of hiring a wedding videographer depend on various factors like packages, experience, videography style. All factors must be considered before making a decision according to your needs. The needs and requirements of the future spouses are different, so you should be able to choose what is best for you.

Down below, you can find the details which will help you to choose the best videography option and to avoid spending more money on a wedding videographer than you need.

Videography style

Everyone likes something different. That is why various video shooting styles have arisen. The style you select must match your vision and needs. It is extremely important to share your vision with the potential wedding videographer who will help you to choose the best one or to mix different styles which will suit you best.

Take a look at a few popular video styles:

● Cinematic

Cinematic wedding videos are exciting to watch and shoot. Videos are film-like ones with creative camera angles, montages, text, and refined effects. You may also see multiple angles of shooting and events with drones. Cinematic wedding videos often include natural music and sound effects to support the footage but can feature fades to enhance the storyline.

Full-length cinematic videos are not always linear. You may want to take pictures of different times of the day to tell the story best and convey your emotions.

Videographers can have different levels of involvement, but this style usually requires you to have a heavier hand. They were able to organize the shoots and direct the couple during the event. The best videographers can balance the incorporation of footage recording work with turning the venue into a fine mess of flash and microphone.

To get the tone factual, they may come up with your wedding theme and ask you how you want your video to look. Cinematic videos are great for expressing the day's excitement, as they can use music to unleash their creativity.

● Journalistic

Journalistic videos are more about documenting the entire event than creating inspirational and engaging videos. Videos can have creative varieties, such as storytelling and entertaining footage, but editing is minimal in most cases.

Shooting a journalistic wedding video isn't necessarily about the emotion behind it, but it can capture every moment and tend to follow the day's events in sequence.

The journalistic style might be good if you need a modest and direct choice without bells and whistles.

● The Love Story

The love story video emphasises the wedding day and the entire couple's journey. It probably has a more documentary-style element, with the couple and their friends and family speaking about their story. They can also include the couple's photos and videos together.

It's a romantic style that could use cinematic elements. Interviews can take longer to set up and collect than cinematic videos, but if you need something more expansive than the actual wedding day, a love story video might be the right style.


Picking up the right package depends upon different factors, i.e.:

● For how many days do you need a wedding videographer?

● Number of guests

● Type of wedding film you want

Do you want to cover every moment of the wedding ceremony and the bride and groom's preparations? Then, you will need two or more wedding videographers. Discuss your main concerns about capturing videos and moments and ask for the recommendations of your potential videographer.

Select the best suitable package based upon the facts mentioned above to get a fantastic final

product and what you have paid for.

Experience and devices

As in any profession, experience in wedding videography is one of the most important factors which translates into the quality of the services provided. The more professional wedding video you want to have, the more experienced wedding videographer you should hire. It will be possible if you choose an experienced team of highly skilled and trained videographers and editors who know precisely what they are doing through years of practice.

What is more, the best wedding videos depend on state-of-the-art devices. It is commonly known that you can reach better quality videos when your wedding videographer uses it.

The above factors may affect the wedding videographer’s salary, but don’t be afraid of it. Don't make the devices an overwhelming element in your decision, but you must consider this, if possible.

Familiarity with the Area

Find out if your videographer has worked at the venue or event centre where you plan to get married. If there are buildings that can be a challenge on the day of the event, if there is no suitable lighting for a specific area or time, or if you want to switch between outdoor and indoor

wedding scenes, videographers can consider these requirements before the event. Determine

these in advance to appropriately place the equipment before time. Wedding videographer’s personality

Let’s say the truth. No one likes nasty and overpowering videographers. Don’t let the wedding videographer spoil your guests and your mood during the wedding. It is very important to feel comfortable on the wedding day, so the videographer should not embarrass you and your guest. It depends on the personality the videographer has. The wedding videographer shouldn't be intrusive, but at the same time, he/she should do the best to capture your special day.

Before making the decision, you should meet with the potential wedding videographer and check if you are on the same wavelength.


Yes! Referrals are a good and easy way to locate wedding videographers near you. You can get recommendations from friends, wedding venues, and online media. Make sure that whatever the source is, it should be authentic and original and not for commercial purposes.

Your best buddy or anyone in your friend's circle would be the quality source of a referral. As they have nothing to do with referring a top-notch and best videographer to make your occasion

special, they would have a fantastic experience with the referred photographer in their special


Photographers Vs. Videographers

Last but not least – a variety of services is found everywhere. Some photography companies offer photography and videography through one person, and others have separate professionals for each category.

Now, it depends upon your preferences and how much you care about your wedding day. If you want separate videographers and photographers to capture your precious wedding moments, always see their work background and how much they co-operate with each other.

Both of them are there to take shots of the same moments: climbing up the stairs, coming down the passage, and some sensational scenes as well. It is essential to know how they work together, and even if they want to compete, they still maintain a good relationship.

Final words

As you could see, the quality of the video depends on several factors, from your taste to budget and location. You have to weigh what you want in your video against your wedding videographer’s specialities and skills.

You also need to remember that all expert wedding videographers are booked months before the wedding event. Therefore, you should hire your favourite wedding videographer as soon as possible, after you fix the date and venue of your big day.

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